County of Cattaraugus Industrial Development Agency/Capital Resource Corporation Board Members/Staff:

Mr. Thomas E. Buffamante, Chairman

Mr. Joseph E. Higgins, First Vice Chairman

Mr. Michael Wimer, Secretary

Mr. Brent Driscoll, Treasurer

Mr. James "Joe" J. Snyder, Jr., Second Vice Chairman

Mr. Virgilio "Dick" Giardini, Member

Mr. John Stahley, Member

Mr. Corey R. Wiktor, Executive Director Staff

Ms. Sandra Andrews, Assistant/CFO Staff

Audit Committee Members of the CCIDA:

Chairman: Mr. Thomas Buffamante Member: Mr. Brent Driscoll Member: Mr. Michael Wimer

Governance Committee Members of the CCIDA:

Chairperson: Mr. Joseph Higgins Member: Mr. James J. Snyder Member: Mr. Dick Giardini Member: Mr. John Stahley

Finance Committee: Revenue Bond Issuance's

Chairperson: Mr. Brent Driscoll Member: Mr. Thomas Buffamante Member: Mr. Michael Wimer

The 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule is available by clicking here. Previous meeting minutes are available by clicking here. For detailed financial information including our audited financial ' and current operating budget please click here.




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