CCIDA Full Environmental Assessment Form

Complete & Submit Online CCIDA Full Environmental Assessment Form – (SEQR)  Below or download form to print and return by mail.

(PDF online version also availble – See below.)

This Application is needed for the CCIDA to consider a project for inducement. When completed, please mail the Sale Leaseback Application, the Cost Benefit Analysis form and the Full EAF Form, along with a check for $1,500.00 made payable to CCIDA to the following address:

County of Cattaraugus IDA
P.O. Box 1749
Ellicottville, New York 14731

Full Environmental Assessment Form

Full Environmental Assessment Form

Part 1 is to be completed by the applicant or project sponsor. Responses become part of the application for approval or funding,
are subject to public review, and may be subject to further verification.
Complete Part 1 based on information currently available. If additional research or investigation would be needed to fully respond to any item, please answer as thoroughly as possible based on current information; indicate whether missing information does not exist, or is not reasonably available to the sponsor; and, when possible, generally describe work or studies which would be necessary to
update or fully develop that information.

Applicants/sponsors must complete all items in Sections A & B. In Sections C, D & E, most items contain an initial question that must be answered either "Yes" or "No".  If the answer to the initial question is "Yes", complete the sub-questions that follow. If the answer to the initial question is "No", proceed to the next question. Section F allows the project sponsor to identify and attach any
additional information. Section G requires the name and signature of the project sponsor to verify that the information contained in Part 1is accurate and complete.

A. Project and Sponsor Information

Name of Applicant / Sponsor:
Name of Applicant / Sponsor:
4. Check all land uses that occur on, adjoining and near the proposed action.

B. Government Approvals Funding, or Sponsorship. ("Funding" includes grants, loans, tax relief, and any other forms of financial assistance. Check Yes for all entity sources from which Funding is being received.)

C. Planning & Zoning

D. Project Details

D.2. Project Operations

E. Site and Setting of Proposed Action

E.2. Natural Resources On or Near Project Site

E.3. Designated Public Resources On or Near Project Site

F. Additional Information

G. Verification

Full Environmental Assessment Form
Part 2 - Identification of Potential Project Impacts

Part 2 is to be completed by the lead agency. Part 2 is designed to help the lead agency inventory all potential resources that could be affected by a proposed project or action. We recognize that the lead agency's reviewer(s) will not necessarily be environmental professionals. So, the questions are designed to walk a reviewer through the assessment process by providing a series of questions that can be answered using the information found in Part 1. To further assist the lead agency in completing Part 2, the form identifies the most relevant questions in Part 1 that will provide the information needed to answer the Part 2 question. When Part 2 is completed, the lead agency will have identified the relevant environmental areas that may be impacted by the proposed activity.

If the lead agency is a state agency and the action is in any Coastal Area, complete the Coastal Assessment Form before proceeding with this assessment.

Tips for completing Part 2:

  • Review all of the information provided in Part 1.
  • Review any application, maps, supporting materials and the Full EAF Workbook.
  • Answer each of the 18 questions in Part 2.
  • If you answer "Yes' to a numbered question, please complete all the questions that follow in that section.
  • If you answer "No" to a numbered question, move on to the next numbered question.
  • Check appropriate column to indicate the anticipated size of the impact.
  • Proposed projects that would exceed a numeric threshold contained in a question should result in the reviewing agency checking the box "Moderate to large impact may occur."
  • The reviewer is not expected to be an expert in environmental analysis.
  • If you are not sure or undecided about the size of an impact, it may help to review the sub-questions for the general question and consult the workbook.
  • When answering a question consider all components of the proposed activity, that is, the "whole action".
  • Consider the possibility for long-term and cumulative impacts as well as direct impacts.
  • Answer the question in a reasonable manner considering the scale and context of the project.

1. Impact on Land

2. Impact on Geological Features

3. Impacts on Surface Water

4. Impact on groundwater

5. Impact on Flooding

6. Impacts on Air

7. Impact on Plants and Animals

8. Impact on Agricultural Resources

9. Impact on Aesthetic Resources

10. Impact on Historic and Archeological Resources

11. Impact on Open Space and Recreation

12. Impact on Critical Environmental Areas

13. Impact on Transportation

14. Impact on Energy

15. Impact on Noise, Odor, and Light

16. Impact on Human Health

17. Consistency with Community Plans

18. Consistency with Community Character

Full Environmental Assessment Form Part 3 - Evaluation of the Magnitude and Importance of Project Impacts and Determination of Significance

Determination of Significance - Type 1 and Unlisted Actions

If you an any questions with regards to what application is to be filled out and submitted for your proposed project, please feel free contact our office at 716-699-2005, as we will be happy to assist you.

The Applications listed above along with the N.Y. State Environmental Assessment Forms (SEQR) forms are designed to be filled in on your computer, printed on your printer, signed and mailed/e-mailed to our offices.

Please Note: All applications are to be submitted to our office NO LATER than seven (7) business days prior to the next Board of Director’s Meeting. Please see the Meeting schedule that is located on our website for meetings, dates and times. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office directly at 716-699-2005. Thank you.

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be downloaded by clicking on the following image:

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